X-MEN star Rebecca Romijn regrets helping her future brother-in-law CHARLIE O'CONNELL search for love on reality TV show the bachelor, because of his embarrassing behaviour. The actress is engaged to CROSSING JORDAN star Jerry O'connell and the couple originally thought it would be a good idea for Charlie to appear on the show, but quickly reconsidered. She explains, "One of my best friends is one of the producers on The Bachelor, so I had an integral part of getting Charlie onto The Bachelor. "I think almost everyone wants to know someone on a reality show, so when this came up we were like, 'Do it, do it, do it!' "Until the first episode when Charlie's wasted and dirty dancing with 15 girls and Jerry and I are going, 'Maybe we should have put some thought into this...' "Watching the show I realised I sort of had a vested interest. One of these girls he's going to pick and this might be someone I end up spending time with when we all go out to dinner. "Sure enough, he's with SARAH BRICE and they're still together. Charlie and Sarah are a great couple. They're very happy."