Rebecca Romijn's nine-month-old twins love wrestling.

The 'Ugly Betty' actress is surprised at the way daughters Dolly and Charlie - her children with husband Jerry O'Connell - wriggle and fight as she expected them to be less boisterous.

She explained: "I had this fantasy that when I would have two little girls they'd be wearing matching outfits with little bows in their hair. But these girls wrestle, and whatever I put in their hair they pull out and it goes directly in their mouth.

"Whatever babies shouldn't do, they do. If I have a sweatshirt on with the cord in the hood, they pull it out and try to wrap it around their necks. I'm like, 'Nooooo! Don't do that!' "

Rebecca named Dolly after Dolly Parton, and she has revealed the singer was thrilled with the honour.

The 36-year-old actress told Dolly of her plan when she was six months pregnant and at one of the country legend's concerts.

Rebecca revealed to US TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres: "I was a little bit embarrassed to say it. Dolly said, 'Oh, I would be so honored. Dolly was the name I was given, it's not short for anything, and I don't have any children of my own. Please do it!' Then at the show, she dedicated the song 'Little Sparrow' to 'her new friend Rebecca and her little girls.' And I was like a puddle. A puddle!"