JERRY O'CONNELL's attempt to serenade Rebecca Romijn with a Vanessa Williams song at their summer (07) wedding backfired when a horrified Williams took the stage to finish the number off in style. Romijn admits her Ugly Betty co-star Williams did the right thing - because romantic O'Connell was "butchering" her Save The Best For Last hit. She says, "Jerry did something very sweet. He decided to sing a song called Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams - who happened to be one of our wedding guests. "Let me tell ya, he butchered the song and she came in at just the right moment and saved the day and finished the song. It was a magical wedding moment, it was a really special moment. "I also learned that that's how you get famous people to sing at your wedding - You make a fool of yourself and butcher one of their songs and they will (perform)."