LATEST: The woman at the centre of the DAVID BECKHAM sex scandal says she can provide proof they slept together - by describing "distinctive marks" on his penis.

Rebecca Loos, who worked as a personal assistant to Beckham when he transferred to Real Madrid, says if the soccer ace presses ahead with legal action against her, she will reveal the details to the court.

But the 26-year-old beauty says she will not provide the proof to the media, and when pressed by SKY reporter Kay Burley in an exclusive interview - she refused point blank to disclose the information.

Loos says, "There's something I know about him, an intimate part of his body that I think only women who've been in bed with him would know.

"So if they want to take me to court I could easily stand up and say, 'Well...'"

But when Burley asked if Beckham was circumcised, Loos replied: "I'm not going into that. I'm not talking about that. If I do ever need to talk about that it'll be in court, not on TV."

Beckham and wife VICTORIA continue to deny Loos story describing it as "ludicrous".

15/04/2004 01:49