Rebecca Hall says shopping is her guilty pleasure.

The 'Iron Man 3' actress spends all her hard-earned cash on clothes and claims when she doesn't have any film work, her style noticeably starts to suffer because she attempts to be more creative with her look.

She admitted: ''Shopping is a bit of a relaxing hobby for me, which is sometimes troubling for the bank balance.

''My friends have noticed that if I suddenly go through a couple of months' unemployment, there seems to be a correlation that I don't ever tend to wear the same outfit twice.

''There will be such strange combinations of clothes because I'm probably a bit creatively stifled, so it's coming out in my wardrobe.''

The British beauty is a fan of home-grown designers like Mulberry in particular, and loves the humour and whimsical nature of their clothes.

Rebecca said in an interview with ''I like Mulberry a lot - it's easy to wear and they show humour in their clothes. It's a very English thing to have a humorous twist even if it's very classical.

''There's always something a bit witty about it somewhere. Also, the shows are fun. They always do a big production which is always interesting to watch.''