Rebecca Ferguson feels she has a duty to sing about her personal life.

The 30-year-old singer - who has kids Lillie, 11, and Karl, 10 from a previous relationship with Karl Dures and a third child, two-year-old Arabella with another ex-boyfriend - admits her break-up with her youngest daughter's dad inspired a lot of her latest LP 'Superwoman', even though she was initially reluctant to make the subject public.

She said: ''The whole album is quite a personal album, it's an album that I've kind of just spoken about really personal stuff on.

''It is a break-up record, but it's messy, there was a baby involved so it was a subject I didn't really want to have to explain.

''But I think as an artist you've got to, because you can't sugarcoat it and there's other woman that might have gone through the same who might get something positive out of it.''

And the 'Nothing's Real But Love' singer admits writing the album was a form of therapy for her.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I think if I didn't write the album I definitely would have needed huge psychotherapy sessions.''

Rebecca previously revealed she was ''heartbroken'' when she was dubbed a ''mistress'' as she didn't realise Arabella's father was also in another relationship.

She said: ''I went through a crazy breakdown with my daughter's father and found out he had a girlfriend and was heartbroken. And then I got labelled a mistress and I was so angry and upset. To me that is not what it was. To me I didn't know he had a partner.''