Rebecca Ferguson says she is no longer in touch with her former love, the One Direction singer Zayn Malik. Speaking to MTV News, the X-Factor star claims the couple simply "grew apart" following a four month relationship.
When asked whether she was still friendly with Zayn, the Liverpudlian singer who finished second on the X Factor explained, "We are not really in touch me and Zayn, we just grew apart. I wish him well.He sent me a message on Twitter which was really nice but no, we are not really in touch". Rebecca has plenty to look forward to however - she releases her debut album 'Heaven' on December 5th 2011, a record that she took creative control of following a dispute with Sony. She told the UK's Daily Telegraph, "I actually sat down with Sony and said, 'Look, this is a joke, you are saying you want me to be a credible artist but getting other people to write my songs. in the end they completely backed off and just let me make the album".
Much like Harry Styles' rumoured girlfriend, Caroline Flack, Ferguson received death threats from disgruntled fans of One Direction during her relationship with Zayn. As for the media interest in her career, the 19-year-old said, "I'm not reading the papers, I don't get a chance! When I was in a relationship (with Zayn) it was quite hard, but it comes with it".