Rebecca Ferguson claims she has been racially abused throughout her career.

The 31-year-old singer shot to fame when she finished as a runner-up on the 2010 series of 'The X Factor', but has said in a lengthy statement on Twitter that her life has not been as glamorous as it might seem, as she has allegedly been the subject of racial hate comments and ''oppression''.

In part of a lengthy message entitled 'Statement of truth', Rebecca said: ''The oppression had reached it's absolute worst when I was called and told I had to do something that compromised my integrity I was requested to do a gig and told.

''''they want you because you're a black face.''

''''you need to do it.''

''''nobody gives a shit about you what else are you going to do?''

''on a separate occasion it was said by the same person at an event in London.

'''' black people are only good for entertaining and running, and not for sitting as ceos of companies.''

''I believe the comments above come from years of unchecked systematic abuse that has been allowed to continue as people that speak out are first. (sic)''

The 'Nothing's Real But Love' singer - who has Lillie, 15, and Karl Jr., 13 - also claims in her note that her ''oppression'' began when she was ''forced'' to sign a contract she didn't want to after competing on 'The X Factor'.

Rebecca says she was given an accountant and a solicitor to handle her finances when she entered stardom, but alleges they were not ''acting to my best interests at all'' and had stolen money from her.

The star also claims she was ''targeted'' by a man and a woman who claimed they could help her fight back against her oppressors, but were working behind her back to liquidate her companies and steal more money from her.

Rebecca insists she is ''unable to stay silent'' and says her decision to speak out comes as she wants the music industry to ''wake up'' and make changes.

She wrote: ''I have written this statement today unable to stay silent anymore however still fearful and also at a great risk to my future career in music but choosing to exercise my human right of freedom of speech and human expression, this is something I cannot continue to run away from I refuse to operate in fear.

''I'm still living this, and I know there are many others too!

''I have not spoken completely on all of the abuses I have suffered yet.

''I'm doing this statement to support all victims of systematic abuse in every field of work and who are currently living in fear and that have had their stories silenced with an NDA.

''But the music industry needs to wake up there is unchecked abuses of power none of the above will come as a surprise to most in the industry we cannot allow people to misuse their position.

''Artists need to come together as one and demand their be a governing body that protects us from fraud and criminality.

''as humans we do not evolve if we stay silent I have been brave today although I have not named my oppressors I have made the first move in fighting back against them.

''And maybe they will come for me even more now.

''But I will not be silenced I will not be forced to sign words I do not mean I will stand true to my convictions I will not be bulied. (sic)''