Rebecca Ferguson never farted in front of Zayn Malik when she dated him.

The 31-year-old singer has a self-imposed rule that she never breaks wind in front of her lovers, although she admits holding it in during the first few dates can lead to a painful stomach, and she often wants the guy to leave so she can ''get a little bit loose''.

During Thursday's (26.10.17) episode of UK TV show 'Loose Women', the brunette beauty - who was appearing as a guest panelist - was part of a discussion about whether it's possible to be too comfortable with a partner, before the chat turned to flatulence.

Rebecca said: ''It's early days with me and my boy at the minute, but I'm kind of ... No, I don't, ever. But, what I do think is when you get to the stage where you've - we've all been there - the first couple of dates where your belly is absolutely killing you and you just want them to go, because you're like ... that's when you need to go 'Look love, I like you a lot but it's time for things to get a little bit loose.' ''

And the 'Nothing's Real But Love' singer was then asked specifically about her relationship with former One Direction star Zayn - whom she dated for four months in 2011 - and she was adamant she ''definitely didn't'' fart when he was around.

She said: ''I definitely didn't, with that particular partner. I didn't, no.''

Although she may not have broken wind in front of the 'Pillowtalk' hitmaker - who is now in a long-term relationship with Gigi Hadid - Rebecca previously claimed she paid for almost all the dates they went on during their time together, as Zayn was still a teenager and had very little cash at the time.

During a separate appearance on 'Loose Women' in August this year, Rebecca said of Zayn whilst discussing whether you should quiz a guy about his earnings on a first date: ''We were young so I would pay the bills quite a lot, yeah. I paid out a lot and people were quite surprised by that.''