Rebecca Ferguson would love to raid Olivia Palermo's wardrobe.

The singer loves the model's style, and would love to get her hands on some of the clothes she wears.

She said: ''If I could raid anyone's wardrobe it would be Olivia Palermo's. I love everything she wears, but she's tinier than me. I love how she throws different patterns together.''

Rebecca says the most amazing dress she has ever worn was a gold baroque Pucci dress worth £3,790, which her record label bought her for a TV appearance, but she doesn't just wear high fashion pieces.

She added: ''You don't have to spend a fortune to look good. I recently bought a cardigan from [supermarket] Tesco, its navy blue and cream and it was £12. It's all about how you wear things.''

Rebecca, 26, also says her most expensive purchase was a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

She said: ''They cost £2,000 and are my most lavish purchase. I bought them in Los Angeles.