Rebecca Ferguson thinks she'll turn into a ''bridezilla'' when she gets engaged.

The 'I Hope' singer - who has children Lilly May, nine, and Karl, eight, from a previous relationship - is keeping tight-lipped about her builder boyfriend of a year but says she wants to tie the knot eventually.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I hope to get married but not just yet. I would be a bridezilla - I would need a whole year out. I would be, like, OCD with the people organising it.''

Rebecca recently revealed Karl asked her about strip clubs after listening to Rihanna.

She said: ''The other day my boy came and asked me about strip clubs after listening to a Rihanna song on the radio.

''Some things you can't stop them hearing sometimes, but it's your responsibility to say, 'That's too old for you.' That's scary, I wouldn't have known anything about that at that age.''

Rebecca, who keeps her partner out of the limelight has said the pair would like to have a baby together before she turns 30.

She said: '' I'd like to be pregnant at 29, have the baby by 30, then release another album at 31.

''Who knows what will happen, but in an ideal world that's what I'd like.''