Rebecca Black has topped a list of the '50 Worst Music Videos Ever', compiled by UK music magazine NME. Her clip for viral hit 'Friday' took the dubious honor, beating out competition from Britney Spears, Lady GaGa and Paris Hilton.
Black, 14, gained extensive media attention in early 2011 for her single about the joys of Friday. With its accompanying music video, made for just $4,000, the song drew considerable scorn from YouTube users, receiving a slew of 'dislikes' and quickly establishing itself as one of the worst of all time. The video features Rebecca herself hopping into a convertible car with friends and cruising around the neighbourhood. Highlight lyrics from the track include, "Tomorrow is Saturday, And Sunday comes afterwards, I don't want this weekend to end", and "I'm driving, cruising (yeah, yeah) Fast lanes, switching lanes, with a car up on my side". Explaining Friday as their choice for No. 1 worst video of all time, Nme said, "Perhaps it was the 5 pound budget special effects or maybe the fact that there were dental braces everywhere we looked or even the bratty stage school kids pretending to drive around in a car". However, the magazine weren't finished there, comparing watching the video in its entirety to "getting bitten on the ankles by a yappy dog".
Others to make the list included Kings Of Leon, who took second place for their African themed 'Radioactive' video, while Susan Boyle's 'Perfect Day' completed the Top 3.