Rebecca Black, the 13-year-old singing 'sensation', has removed her music video 'Friday' from YouTube despite it racking up over 160 million views. Rebecca Black's heavily mocked clip has been replaced with a notice reading, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Sorry about that".
Although it is not clear why Black has chosen to remove the video, a YouTube spokesperson offered TechCrunch the following statement, "YouTube takes copyright infringement very seriously. When we receive a complaint alleging that a video infringes another person or company's copyrights, we remove that video. Users who believe that a video was removed in error can appeal the copyright takedown". Despite receiving over 3 million 'dislikes', 'Friday' was said to be making around $27,000 a week from iTunes sales and YouTube streams. The eighth-grade debuted her heavily auto-tuned song back in March, with the track immediately going viral. Black quickly gained the undesirable tag of being "the worst singer in the world" and music fans mocked her childish lyrics that included, "kickin' in the front seat, sittin' in the back seat, gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?".
Rebecca Black's 'Friday' was originally penned by the record label and songwriting company 'Ark Music', who have been involved in numerous legal rows since the track found unlikely success.