Reba McEntire split from her boyfriend earlier this year.

The 64-year-old star has confirmed her breakup from photographer Anthony 'Skeeter' Lasuzzo after two years of dating as she revealed they won't be spending Christmas together.

She told Us Weekly: ''Skeeter and I broke up in May, so, unfortunately, we will not be spending [the holidays] together.

''We still talk and we're friends, but just decided to go our separate ways.''

Just a month before they decided to split, Reba revealed the couple were ''having fun'' as she praised his ''sense of humour''.

She said at the time: ''We're having a great time, traveling the world and seeing things and having fun.

''I'm still working and loving what I do. I'm at a time in my life where I'm very grateful, very content [and] very calm.

''Love it... We have a great time. He has a wonderful sense of humor. We laugh a lot.''

Reba had previously opened up on how she found love following her divorce ''without looking'', having split from producer Narvel Blackstock in 2015 after 26 years of marriage.

Explaining what happened after she and Skeeter met through friends during vacation in 2017, she said: ''''I was not looking. Not even interested - we just had the best time, and so two nights later, we all went out to dinner, and he bought my dinner.''

When the 'Does He Love You' singer returned to Jackson Hole, Wyoming two months later, Skeeter asked her out on a date.

She recalled: ''I was there almost a week and we spent every day together.''

Meanwhile, although the country singer stayed tightlipped about her break-up, in September she opened up about her former stepson Brandon Blackstock's marriage to Kelly Clarkson.

Speaking as she had Reba as a guest on her eponymously titled talk show, Kelly said: ''This is so weird, you know, because when you're friends and family with someone and you have 'em on your show, it's awkward.

''I ended up marrying her oldest son, and you got stuck with me more.''

To which Reba simply replied: ''Thank goodness!''