Two Spanish paparazzi photographers who stalked soccer superstar DAVID BECKHAM have been arrested after he told police he was convinced they were terrorists.

The Real Madrid midfielder raised the alarm after realising he was being followed home from a team training session in the Spanish capital on Monday (25AUG03).

After reaching the city's HOTEL SANTO MAURO, where he is staying, Beckham made a detour to a nearby police station in his black PORSCHE sportscar, where his Spanish-speaking assistant told officials the 28-year-old believed the car trailing him contained "terrorists or kidnappers".

Beckham then sped off and police stopped the following car, arresting two photographers called RICARDO and MANUEL.

The pair, who are now facing charges, are planning to take legal action against the police, claiming they and Beckham knew they were only photographers and not terrorists.

Manuel tells British tabloid the DAILY EXPRESS, "We couldn't believe it. We've been working with Beckham for over a month. He knows we are not terrorists. We told the police we were journalists, following Beckham.

"I feel sad and ashamed about the Spanish police. We're going to sue them."

The ENGLAND captain - who moved to Madrid from English club MANCHESTER UNITED this summer (03) - has made the security of his family a priority after a number of kidnapping scares in Britain.

29/08/2003 13:24