British rocker BADLY DRAWN BOY sympathises with soccer heart-throb DAVID BECKHAM - after the English sportsman was bombarded with media reports about his alleged infidelity.

The YOU WERE RIGHT hitmaker, born DAMON GOUGH, recently introduced himself to the Real Madrid player at an England game in Portugal during the EURO 2004 championships last month (JUN04).

Gough recalls, "I felt as nervous as I ever have when I met David Beckham the other day after the England game.

"I said to my SEAN, my bass player, 'I've got to say hello and wish him luck.' I don't usually do it 'cos it happens to me."

"I got a lot of respect for Beckham. Aside from the recent stuff that's personal - I sympathise with that - but in terms of what he has to deal with, he's only a footballer for God's sake!

"To be asked to be a role model for a generation of kids and never say a wrong word, never swear, never be out of line... I'm probably ten per cent that famous, not even that, and I find it overwhelming.

"I was genuinely nervous to sit there. But he was so accommodating and warm and smiling."

Beckham's marriage to pop singer Victoria Beckham was put under scrutiny earlier this year (04) when his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she has an affair with the hunky footballer.

25/07/2004 21:28