Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has lobbied the British parliament to continue the Live 8 campaign to erase poverty in the developing world.

The GOLDEN TOUCH rocker took part in the Make Poverty History and Trade Justice Movement's mass protest today (2NOV05), calling on the UK government to impose fairer trade rules.

Borrell also met Member of Parliament Glenda Jackson to debate the issue.

GLEN TARMAN from the Trade Justice Movement, said, "We urge the UK Government to respect poor countries' right to choose their own trade policies. We demand they stop pushing poor countries to open their economies through policies in the World Trade Organisation that are biased towards rich countries and their corporations. We cannot make poverty history while these policies remain.

"When the UK public come to Westminster in their thousands on November 2 to call for trade justice, the UK Government must listen and work with its partners in the European Union to ensure a trade deal in Hong Kong that brings justice for the world's poor."