British band Razorlight's singer JOHNNY BORRELL spent every day injecting himself with heroin before ditching the needle in favour of pursuing his music goals.

The UP ALL NIGHT star, 23, would alternate between "smack and coke" when he was 17 working in London - before he realised he needed to clean-up his act if has going to score to success as a rock frontman.

He says, "I smoked my first joint when I was 13 and I was taking a lot of acid, which I gave up by 16.

"I was 17 when I first tried heroin. That was a couple of years. I used to work in Camden Market and you'd make your money in the day, then get some smack and coke. The coke would run out but the smack wouldn't.

"It got to the point where it started taking over. Every day you're looking in the mirror, wondering why you're sticking a needle in your arm."

And bizarrely it was former THE LIBERTINES star and crack cocaine addict Pete Doherty who actually warned Borrell about the perils of drugs.

He comments, "It's ironic because Pete was very inspiring, because he'd say, 'That stuff you're smoking off the floor, you don't need that.' Because he just didn't do it.

"So it was the complete opposite then. The Libertines only started taking drugs when they got their deal and I don't think they've come down since."

11/10/2004 17:32