Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell's spiralling drug habit once saw him in hospital with intense chest pains, before he decided to discharge himself.

The GOLDEN TOUCH singer sought medical help after touring and living it up - but was so unimpressed by the treatment he received he checked out after removing the syringe from his own arm.

Borrell says, "The day after the tour I got this pain in my chest. It felt like my stomach was bleeding from the inside out.

"I went to A+E (accident and emergency) and they gave me a blood test but didn't bother analysing the blood, they just left me there with a syringe in my arm.

"I thought, 'F**k this', she was so c**p at putting it in, a f**king child could have done it better. I could've done it better when I was 19, put it that way.

"So I ended up pulling it out and walking out and I had a week off.

"It was slightly unexplained. Too many downers and champagne, I think it was, when you split the lining of your stomach.

"You know what Kurt Cobain did in Rome? I was determined not to take drugs but then I was taking a lot of Valium and prescription drugs and then I started getting a bit clever with it and taking way too many drugs without actually taking any drugs."

04/01/2005 08:59