British rockers Razorlight are the latest celebrities to join the high-profile MAKE POVERTY HISTORY coalition - which aims to stamp out Third World Debt and champion fair trade.

The GOLDEN TOUCH band recently filmed their own advertisement for the cause (11MAY05), which has also seen stars including Bono, SIR Bob Geldof and Cameron Diaz featuring in their own individual Make Poverty History promos.

The advertising campaign shows well-known figures clicking their fingers, with each click representing the devastating fact that every three seconds a child dies in poverty.

Frontman JOHNNY BORRELL says, "It isn't very hard - we just have to click our fingers at the same time - which as musicians you'd expect us to be able to do.

"I've always said this about people in music you have to have the courage of your convictions.

"Millions of people live in abject poverty because of a small number of people wanting to take more than they need - a lot more than they need."

23/05/2005 17:49