British rockers Razorlight are embarking on a hiatus so frontman Johnny Borrell can work on his solo career.

The America hitmakers will play their final show before the break in Paris, France on 3 April (13), giving Borrell an opportunity to perform gigs in support of his debut solo album, which is due for release next month (Apr13).

The singer is rounding up a selection of musicians, including his bandmate Freddie Stitz, to form his backing group.

He tells French radio station Oui Fm, "Razorlight are going to play The Olympia in Paris on April 3rd and after that it's Johnny Borrell, for the moment, and that's Freddie who plays in Razorlight, and Joao who comes from Brazil, who we met playing his saxophone in the street, and it's Darren who plays keyboards.

"We had gone to the South of France to a small house in the Pays Basque last year and the music just came very naturally. It's an album that was born in the spirit of a party, and the arrangements for the songs come from that atmosphere.

"When music works it's like love, you can't force it and that's what happened with this. I'm so happy that it's come about this way, I'm just very removed from all the commerciality and the circus of rock 'n' roll and I'm really happy that this record has come about in this way and happy to have made the record."