Razorlight rockers CARL DALEMO and BJORN AGREN were involved in a car crash in Los Angeles on Friday (09MAR07) - hours before the British band was due onstage in the city. The AMERICA hitmakers, who recently (28FEB07) played down reports of a split after several bust-ups within the group, were set to play the El Rey Theatre in Hollywood, but were forced to cancel after the accident. Neither musician was injured in the crash, which Dalermo admits was his responsibility. He says, "Me and Bjorn have been driving around in a white Mustang. We drove around San Francisco Bay and then all the way to LA. "I crashed it into this old Korean man. It was my fault. I was driving and looked away briefly and just went into the back of him. Thankfully he was really good about it and said he wouldn't be suing me."