Razorlight drummer ANDY BURROWS was amused by the British tabloid frenzy surrounding his recent fight with frontman JOHNNY BORRELL, claiming it was "blown out of all proportion". The rockers had a disagreement which descended into a bar-room brawl at a party after the Vodafone Live Music Awards in London on 11 October (06). But Burrows insists letting out frustration with somebody you spend a lot of time with is completely normal. He says, "It was quite amusing. I've never really experienced tabloid interest before. "We were lucky enough to not be in the country when most of it happened so I just got random texts from friends saying, 'Have you been in a fight?' "If you're in a band, you're gonna argue because it's a seriously unnatural amount of time to spend with people. I don't think I'd even choose to spend that amount of time with people that I absolutely love and adore. "You do fall out but it was certainly blown out of all proportion."