British rockers Razorlight had to rush a roadie to hospital at the weekend (begs22Aug09), after he drunkenly fell from their speeding tourbus.
The incident occurred just hours before the group were due onstage at the U.K.'s V Festival.
Amazingly, the un-named roadie escaped serious injury in the fall.
Frontman Johnny Borrell tells Absolute Radio, "I didn't personally have a drama but in Razorlight, well we did have a big drama, because one of our roadies got dead p**sed. He was on the bus, and he sort of fell out the door of the bus when it was moving along at 70 miles an hour. I think maybe when he got on the bus, it wasn't moving and he was already p**sed, and sort of thought, all right I'll get up and go and take a p**s around the corner or something".