Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell is to play an exclusive concert as part of a campaign to change proposed climate change laws.

The Big Ask, a climate change campaign organised by Friends of the Earth, has played an integral role in convincing the government to commit to legally binding reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

However, carbon emissions from the aviation and shipping industries have not been included in the new law, leading the likes of Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, KT Tunstall, comedian Sean Hughes and Borrell to back The Big Ask's 'virtual flight' initiative.

Borrell is to play a one-off acoustic show in front of a commercial jet in the aviation room of London's Science Museum to highlight the importance of including aviation emissions in the Climate Change, and called on fans to lend their support to the campaign.

"The Big Ask has been very successful in making the Climate Change Law a reality," he explained.

"But it seems unbelievable that the bill and the government plans to ignore emissions from aviation and shipping. Those industries should absolutely be included in calculations.

"I want to help make sure people know what's happening while there's still time to influence the law."

The Golden Touch star added: "The more people who get on board and email their MP at www.thebigask.com, the more chance we have of getting a sensible law."

Yorke described the Climate Change Bill as "fantastic news" and said "as many people as possible" should take part in the campaign to stress the importance of including the UK's share of international aviation emissions in the bill.

Fans have until May 27th to win tickets to the show.

20/05/2008 00:02:01