Chart-topping band Razorlight have rubbished recent tabloid reports that claimed they are nearing a split.

The Sun had reported that a surprise acoustic performance by frontman Johnny Borrell at a north London pub was a sign of his intent to break up the band and go solo.

Borrell's renowned ego is rumoured to have caused problems within the band and his rising profile after beginning a relationship with Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst fuelled further speculation about rifts in the chart-topping group.

However, the singer - who made the news recently for flouting the smoking ban by lighting a cigarette onstage - has denied media reports of that the Somewhere Else hitmakers are to split.

"I'm so tired of all this nonsense," he told the Mirror. "It's complete rubbish and we're all working hard on a momentous third album."

And drummer Andy Burrows confirmed that all is well, telling the Daily Mail: "We're not splitting. We're planning a new album."

Burrows added: "Johnny might do some solo work but that's not a problem."

Razorlight topped the UK charts with their self-titled second album in July 2006, scoring their biggest hit with number one single America.

21/10/2007 10:14:58