Razorlight have again slammed persistent reports the band are on the verge of splitting after quitting their American tour and axing their British shows.

Drummer Andy Burrows admits the band endured a "stressful" week when singer Johnny Borrell was struck down with laryngitis and walked out midway through a Denver, Colorado gig (22JAN05).

However, Burrows has assured fans they haven't lost the passion for rock 'n' roll.

Burrows says, "It's the best time ever. We've got a lot to look forward to. It was just a stressful final week of the tour. And for that reason alone it's good we've got some time off.

"It was pretty heavy for that last week, mainly because Johnny was struggling because he was losing his voice. It was stressful for everybody, we were trying to support him on one had but at the same time we didn't know if we should continue with the gigs. We're so sorry.

"We're all devastated that we had to postpone these gigs and we hope that everyone who bought tickets can make it to the rescheduled shows. We promise it will be worth it. But definitely, definitely no, we're not splitting up. All of us are excited about getting on with it."

10/02/2005 17:47