British rockers Razorlight has joined a People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) campaign to stop the slaughter of Canadian bears for hats worn by Queen Elizabeth II's guards. The GOLDEN TOUCH stars signed a petition against the "pointless" practice when they learned that, according to PETA's statistics, it takes an entire bear to make just one hat for a Royal Guard. The 'Spare a bear' drive attempts to persuade the UK's Ministry Of Defence to halt the killings and replace the real fur with a fake alternative, according to MTV News. And Razorlight are desperately appealing to fans to join the protest. Bassist CARL DALEMO said, "I'm just asking you to sign the bearskins petition to save the beautiful Canadian bears from getting slaughtered to have their fur in the Queen's Guards' hats - it's a completely pointless exercise." The campaign is already being backed by singer Pink, who has written a letter to the Queen, and Stella Mccartney who has designed a fake-fur alternative hat.