Former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows was forced to change the name of his new band after Coldplay star Chris Martin branded the eponymous title boring.
The percussionist and song writer left Razorlight last year (09) - blaming "personal reasons" for his departure.
He subsequently organised a new musical ensemble, and was planning on naming the group after himself.
But following a night out with Martin, he decided to put more thought into the band's name.
He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I was in a pub with Chris and I told him I was doing my own thing. He asked what I was going to call it. So I said, 'My name, Andy Burrows'. But he said bluntly: 'That's c**p, you can't do that, nobody would be interested.'
"I was never any good at band names as a kid and it was absolutely no different as a grown-up, sat next to Chris telling me my ideas were crap."
And Burrows admits finding the right name didn't come easy - he tried out several before sticking with I Am Arrows.
He adds, "I wanted to name it after a film called Kingshot - that proved unpopular - then Bandy Arrows."