Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has slammed reports he is set to go solo, insisting they are "total rubbish".
The British singer is sick of hearing rumours claiming he is poised to leave the band, because he is dedicated to the group he founded.
He says, "It's total rubbish (the rumours). I've never said I want to release a solo album. But it doesn't matter if I say a hundred times 'I'm in a band', nobody wants to listen."
And Borrell blames the constant speculation on the fact he is the bandmember with the highest public profile.
Borrell adds, "It's like when somebody asks to photograph Razorlight for a magazine we'll say: 'Yes, put the band on the front', but then they go and use a picture of just me and then people have a pop at me for it.
"People prefer to think I'm always throwing a strop but I'm committed to this band."