Johnny Borrell has written and recorded his first solar-powered song for Friends of the Earth.

The Razorlight frontman laid down the track, called Funeral Blues, at The Premises in London - Europe's first solar powered studio.

Borrell aims to highlight climate change and Friends of the Earth's The Big Ask campaign, which encourages people to sign their name in support of stopping climate change.

The singer became engaged with the topic after seeing Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth and his band have since asked audiences to sign up to The Big Ask campaign at Razorlight shows.

Borrell said: "I really enjoyed recording my first solar powered song  the studio made tackling climate change easy.

"I support The Big Ask, Friends of the Earth's campaign for a strong climate change law. A strong law will force the government to make it easier and cheaper for everyone to make the most of solar energy  and the many other climate change solutions which are out there."

The song can be downloaded for free from the Friends of the Earth website which also includes photos of the singer recording the new track.

Razorlight will be headlining the Carling Weekend this summer in Reading and Leeds.

31/05/2007 10:32:03