Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has ditched an album's worth of songs because he deemed them unsuitable for his band.

The 25-year-old perfectionist composed the tunes in a series of hotels he stayed in whilst touring the world with Razorlight, but he's refusing to release them in the fear he'll alienate his band's fans.

The GOLDEN TOUCH rocker explains, "Writing is never a case of being easy or hard, it's something I do. About a year ago I wrote a whole album which I'll never release.

"They're Johnny Borrell songs so they're f**king great, but I doubt I will ever put them out."

In the meantime, multi-talented Borrell is working on a screenplay.

He adds, "I'm writing a film script but it's taking a long time. It's going to be ages before anything happens with it, if ever."

18/04/2005 14:08