Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has given another reason for walking offstage midway through a gig in Denver, Colorado - he was paranoid he was singing out of tune.

The British rocker decided to prematurely halt the gig on 22 January (05) because he "lost it" when he decided his voice sounded odd.

Borrell previously claimed he stopped the concert because he felt suicidal following a series of heavy drinking binges.

He now explains, "I just lost it. I thought I was singing out of tune. I was hearing it coming back at me and it sounded really strange. It happened to me once before and I just couldn't do it then, and it happened again.

"It was totally in my head. I walked around the car park and thought, 'I'm in the f**king middle of America with a guitar, what the f**k am I doing here?

"I wish someone had dragged me back onstage, but our tour manager came on the bus and I tried to punch him.

"But they got five songs, that's a dollar a song. The songs are worth a dollar each.

"When I go back to Denver I'll do a gig for free."

Following the walkout, Razorlight cancelled their final US show in Los Angeles and their entire British tour when Borrell was diagnosed with laryngitis.

10/03/2005 09:24