Razorlight - with support from Yeti and The Black Velvets - Live Review


with support from Yeti and The Black Velvets

(Manchester Apollo Theatre 14/03/05)

Earnest Ocean Colour Scene tinged by the searing instrumentals and occasional vocals of AC/DC style of scouse group The Black Velevets,shook the audience into an attentive state with their lively setand slightly cheeky between track rapport. They hit a rasping tempo early on and kept it going throughout a well received and promising performance, until current single “3345” picked up the pace in a nostalgic blast about? Well a pub actually, or more generally

Razorlight - with support from Yeti and The Black Velvets - Live Review

somewhere you feel welcome, and thisfor many of the early gathererswas attained bywatching a welcoming and intriguing set by TheBlack Velvets.

The cowboy hat clad front man of Yeti; John Halsall looked a suave picture of pride as he and his four troubadours took off like…?... well the phase of sporting a Toni & Guy haircut at a Razorlight gig is probably the most apt way of putting it. This was down to the shrewd utilization early on of tracks from their forthcoming AA sided single; ‘Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder’ and Working For The Industry'.The former contained the crisp guitars and endearing vocals of tonight’s headliners and a splash of Suede, ensuring that fans were won overfrom the outset.

The brief foray into the exciting world of the Londoners that form Yeti took us down a summery road that skirted with cosmic and folk rock andat times, wasakin to The Coral exorcising the spirit of The Byrds. Yeti will make an imprint in this fickle music industry of ours and they have more than enough potential to make it a lasting one.

A Seiko style marathon clock countdownto theappearance of the Johnny Borrell fronted rasping rockers that are Razorlight and a New Years Eve style countdownensued, as the excitement hit fever pitch. Maybethis was due tothe promise ofa glimpse of abold new sound that theguys have been shooting the breeze about pre tour, to anyone who would listen? The masses were happy to wait for this though as ‘Rip It Up’ a rock from debut album; ‘Up All Night’ was delivered with renewed vigour and vocal clarity. It seemed as though the enforced break that had resulted in the initial tour being cancelled had doneMr. Borrell a deal ofgood.

The old favourites of ‘Vice’ and ‘Golden Touch’ were thrown in earlyinto a luke warm broth that never really reached boiling point. Then camethemoment many had been waiting for,when Borrellwhoseemed at homeon astage decorated as though a Pinter play was about to take place, theatrically announced that we were to be treated to a new song,so I braced myself ready to follow this bold new direction. The song entitled ‘Somewhere Else’ started off well with a commanding keyboardelement that raced alongside the cutting guitar intro, giving off a vibrant PaulWellermingled withVan Morrison feel. However, as the repetitive chorus and well utilised guitar riffs kicked in, it became apparent that this new sound was akin to me sticking a Sex Pistols badge on my tshirt and telling people that I am going for a bold new look this summer. The appetite of the fans for more of the same with a keyboard kick seems to know no satiety judging by the enthusiastic reaction to the number.



David Adair