Actor Ray Wise followed pal George Clooney's lead when it came to Oscars fashion last night (05MAR06) - he donned the same tuxedo he wore to his last Academy Awards in 1992. The movie star, who plays DON HOLLENBECK in Clooney's nominated GOOD NIGHT, + GOOD LUCK, refused to splash out on an Oscar night outfit after Clooney told him he'd worn the same tux for a decade. Wise says, "I'm wearing the same tux that I was wearing for Twin Peaks way back in 1992. "You wear it a few times a year, you get it cleaned, it lasts forever. My wife, however, goes through a lot of angst about what she wears. It's pretty much an all day thing with the hair and the make-up. "I get ready in 15 minutes in my 14-year-old suit." Unfortunately, for Wise, Clooney treated himself to a brand new tuxedo for the Oscars.