Versatile actor Ray Winstone has signed up for a new movie about notorious British gangsters The KRAY twins - and he's playing both brothers.

The SEXY BEAST star, with the help of computer technology, will portray both REGGIE and RONNIE KRAY in new film by Ray Burdis, who produced previous biopic THE KRAYS in 1990.

Burdis, who will write and direct, promises the new, as-yet-untitled, project will be much harder hitting than his previous effort, which starred ex-SPANDAU BALLET stars MARTIN and Gary Kemp as the cult criminals - who controlled London's East End underworld community in the 1960's before being jailed for life in 1969.

He says, "I was in direct communication with the Krays in prison and they wanted a 'St Krays' kind of movie, although it didn't show them in a completely goody-goody light. This will be the film we should have made then.

"I want to dispel the folklore legend that the East End was a safer place when they were around. That's a load of cobblers."

08/08/2003 14:05