Hardman actor Ray Winstone is disappointed he was not interviewed for the manager's position with the England soccer team, because he has a flawless record with teams he has coached. The Sexy Beast star has given two teamtalks, and on both occasion the players who listened to his motivational words went on to record memorable victories. And Winstone is convinced he a far better candidate than STEVE MCCLAREN to replace SVEN GORAN ERIKSSON following England's abject failure at the FIFA World Cup earlier this month (01JUL06). He says, "I was filming at Coventry City's ground and I gave a little team talk before they took to the field. I just said, 'Stuff it to 'em. I fancy your mob today.' "And guess what? They only won 6-1! Then, a few weeks later, I went into my beloved West Ham's dressing room before their match with Manchester City and I said, 'Lose today and I'll shoot every one of you.' And they went on to win 2-1. "The FA (Football Association) should have looked at me. Look at my record!"