Ray Winstone's daughter JAMIE knew her father couldn't object to her role in brutal teenage movie KIDULTHOOD - because he has played a number of controversial roles himself.

However, she admits the hard KING ARTHUR star will still be shocked by her character BECKY in the gritty tale of bullying and teenage suicide.

She says, "Now, my Dad has played an axe-murderer, rapist and child-abuser, so I'm not sure there was any way he could say to me, 'No babe, don't do that.'

"Don't get me wrong, it's still going to be shocking, as my dad hasn't seen it yet and there is a real difference in this character and the one I played in BULLET BOY.

"While Bullet Boy was improvised, this is a bigger role and very tightly scripted.

"All I had to bring to the part was my mannerisms.

"It's one in a million to pick up a script like this."