British hardman Ray Winstone has no problem watching his actress daughter JAIME's onscreen love scenes - because he's convinced he has much more offensive roles in his own back catalogue.
The Sexy Beast star has yet to see his daughter's latest movie Donkey Punch - in which she can be seen cavorting naked on screen - but he insists he can't wait to watch it.
And Winstone is certain he won't cringe when he sees Jaime's steamy romp - because he has played his own fair share of despicable characters.
He says, "She's 23. She's not a kid anymore. It's her work and of course I want to take an interest in what she does. My daughter has had to grow up watching me and I've done some right dodgy ones in my time.
"I've been beating up women, doing drugs, having sex and even playing a paedophile."