Ray Winstone enjoys using sunbeds.

The 58-year-old star, who's appeared in a string of hit movies, such as 'Nil by Mouth' and 'The Departed', has revealed he likes to give himself a tanned appearance before he jets off on holiday.

He revealed: ''As I've got older I like sitting down, as long as the bar is close.

''I've actually started reading books, or listening to them if I'm feeling really lazy.

''I also find that if you have a couple of sunbeds before you go away, you stop yourself burning and come back looking like a local.''

What's more, Ray reminisced about a meeting he enjoyed with a shaman in Venezuela, explaining he reminded him of Ray's beloved soccer team, West Ham United.

He told Conde Nast Traveller: ''His feathers were claret and blue, which are the West Ham colours, and he liked whisky.

''We conversed, I don't know how, seeing as I was talking Cockney and he was talking Venezuelan Indian, but we somehow understood one another and we just rabbited on. It was obviously the whisky.''

The London-born star also admitted - using rhyming slang - he never goes on holiday without packing a suit.

He said: ''You never know when you might need a nice whistle.''