Actor Ray Winstone took a trip down memory lane while shooting new movie The Sweeney - one of his earliest screen roles was as an extra in the 1970s TV show which inspired the film.
Winstone and British rapper/actor Plan B - real name Ben Ballance-Drew - star as street-hardened cops in the upcoming crime movie, which is based on the hit British programme of the same name.
And for Winstone, walking onto the set to shoot his scenes was like going back in time, as he enjoyed a brief role in a 1976 episode of the show before landing his big movie break in 1979's Scum.
Winstone tells Britain's Live magazine, "It was my first ever job. I was an extra on an episode called Loving Arms. I was a good-looking geezer (man) back then and God, I'm ugly now... It's good to come a full circle, but we're not remaking it. We're not trying to do the '70s The Sweeney."