Actor Ray Winstone has vowed to hit the gym and get in shape after realising age is catching up with him on the set of new action movie The Sweeney.
The Departed star, 55, plays a hard-bitten cop in the big screen version of the hit 1970s British TV show, and he was determined to shoot as many of his own stunts as possible.
But when it came to filming a dramatic shootout sequence in London's Trafalgar Square, he was so unfit he was left exhausted.
Winstone tells U.K. TV show This Morning, "It's good for me. I thought, 'I'm getting on a little bit and I think I've got one more (film) in me where I run around and tear about', and I felt really good that morning, although I was out of condition for the part... But I felt good, very excited about doing the shoot.
"So I run across Trafalgar Square, hide under the fountain, get to the steps, and my legs wouldn't work any more! They just went to jelly. And that was the moment I thought, 'I've got to do something - I've got to go training and do something.'"