Ray Winstone has a ''nightmare'' in which his family are mauled by lions.

The big screen tough guy's daughter Jaime wanted to go on a safari with her 'Mad Dog' cast mates but her father's bad dream put her off.

She revealed: ''My dad has this nightmare that haunts him; he watches as his family are eaten by lions. Seriously, it's very real to him and he forbids any Winstone to go on safari or be near any dangerous animals.''

Although she conceded the 'Sweeney' star is a betting man, she insisted ''lions'' are one risk he would refuse to take.

She added: ''My dad doesn't mind gambling but he reckons lions are a bad bet. If he tells me I'm not to go near lions, I've got to listen to that, haven't I?''

Ray's role as the face of online gambling company Bet365 is actually at odds with Jaime's own views on the habit - which she disregards in a time of recession.

She said: ''I understand why he did [the company's adverts] - it's work and when you're a household name you become a sort of product.

''But gambling advertising has gone up something like 7 per cent since the recession. I've got a friend who has become hooked. Gambling damages lives.''