British actor Ray Winstone forced himself to cut back on his boozing after becoming shocked by his overweight appearance in upcoming film The Gunman.

The Noah star admits he had no idea how heavy he had become until he saw himself onscreen, and it inspired him to overhaul his diet and lifestyle habits in a bid to become healthier.

Winstone tells Britain's Independent on Saturday, "I was well (very) overweight on that film. I wasn't too well. What I'd done was, I'd overworked. I felt a bit rough. I dunno (sic), maybe I was burning the candle as well... So I was kind of battered (exhausted) a bit. So I couldn't really actually move about too much. And when I saw The Gunman I thought, 'Yeah, f**k me, the size of you, you really gotta do something about that'. Which I kinda have. I used to love a booze. But I get bored with it now."