Actor Ray Winstone has admitted that he is a complete technophobe and relies on his eight-year-old daughter to teach him how to use gadgets and gizmos.

The star's daughter Ellie has forced the BEOWULF actor to learn how to use a computer so they can keep in touch when he is away on set.

"She has taught me how to use a computer. She's eight! I couldn't email or nothing like that beforehand - and I never wanted to either," Winstone told the Daily Mirror.

"But I got a computer so when I am away I can see her when I am talking to her. And she has taught me how to use it, how to email, how to download, the lot. I am a bit of a whiz kid now."

Ray may be away from home, which he also shares with his wife Elaine, 26-year-old daughter Lois and Jaime, 23, a lot over the coming months as reports have linked him with several new films in recent weeks.

He has signed up to play Keira Knightley's lover in William Monahan's directorial debut LONDON BOULEVARD, alongside Colin Farrell and Anna Friel.

The film sees him starring playing a criminal who becomes involved with a reclusive actress when he is released from prison and will begin shooting this summer.

Last week, it has announced that he will play BLOCKHEADS' singer IAN DURY's dad in a biopic of the punk star titled SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL.

The flick is due for release next year to mark the tenth anniversary of Dury's death.

Winstone first rose to fame in 'tough guy' roles such as in SCUM and has also starred in NIL BY MOUTH, Sexy Beast, THE DEPARTED and INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.

29/04/2009 17:02:43