England football legend PAUL GASCOIGNE has reportedly signed up to star in an alien horror movie alongside Ray Winstone's daughter LOIS WINSTONE.

The project, titled FINAL RUN, is due to be produced by London-based company SjB Imperial Film, with GAZZA playing a survivor of an alien invasion. Speaking to Variety, director Stephen James Bland said the film is "something akin to ALIENS meets Black Hawk Down," but maintaing that it will be "character-driven and no mindless shoot-'em-up".

Former Spurs and Rangers midfielder Gazza is also a producer on the film and is rumoured to have even written some of the script. However, after his punditry on the 2002 World Cup, many people will be asking questions over whether Gazza's thick Geordie accent can translate to the big screen.

No Doubt hoping to emulate the modest success of fellow ex-player VINNIE JONES, whose screen debut in LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS catapulted him into a career playing larger than life East End gangster baddies in Guy Ritchie films.

But with the stunning LOIS WINSTONE also on board, the film may yet hold some credibility when it is released in the UK next year.

22/02/2007 10:24:07