Actor Ray Romano is so worried about the future of his hit sitcom EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, he's started getting palpitations.

Romano, who also serves as executive producer on the longrunning show, admits he's yet to decide when the comedy will come to an end - and the pressure's proving to be all too much for him.

He says, "It's a crazy-hard decision. The last six months, I've been a wreck. Not on the surface, but I'm getting palpitations and I'm breaking out and my shrink tells me it all comes down to this. It's true.

"There's so much involved. There's the show, first of all, this thing I've been doing for eight years and I mean every ounce of creative energy has been put into this for eight years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"I don't care if I'm on vacation, I'm always thinking about the show and this story and that story. And now I'm - whoosh - going to abruptly shut the door on that? It's a big life change.

"It all comes down to whether we think we have any stories left to tell. That's what we're thinking about. We're repeating ourselves, you know. It's just getting harder."

26/02/2004 09:15