TV funnyman Ray Romano is relieved he didn't end up making his new movie Welcome to Mooseport with DUSTIN HOFFMAN - because he found the actor far too intense.

Hoffman had originally agreed up to appear in the comedy, but later pulled out to be replaced by pal Gene Hackman.

Romano says of Hoffman, "He's very intense. He brought books to the meeting. He kept asking me why I thought my character would do this or that, and I thought, '(Shoot), I didn't do a back story.' Then he said, 'So it says on the internet that you went to three different high schools.' I swear to God. 'Was that by choice or did you have to?'

"I go, 'Man, I had to.' He goes, 'Good, good.' I got kicked out of two high schools. He liked that."

26/02/2004 13:48