Actor Ray Romano refused to meet Queen Latifah when he spotted her dining in a restaurant, because he didn't want to ruin the chemistry the two had established on-screen. The pair co-star in Ice Age: THE MELTDOWN, but provided the voices for the characters in the film during separate recording sessions. He explains, "(Doing an animated film) It's weird. You're never with another actor. I never saw Queen Latifah - I met her at the premiere. "I actually saw her when I was filming it, when I was recording it - it takes about a year, you do it in segments. "I saw her in a restaurant and here I am playing her romantic interest in the movie and her back was to me at this restaurant, but I didn't want to go up to her - I was afraid. "We had such great chemistry. That's the best chemistry I have with women - when we don't meet."