TV actor Ray Romano is anxious about the imminent release of his big screen debut - because he's scared people won't find it funny.

The celebrated star of Everybody Loves Raymond is feeling the pressure of his first foray into film starring opposite Gene Hackman in WELCOME TO MOOSEPORT, which opens in native America on Friday (20FEB04).

Romano fears a negative reaction may spell the end of his movie career before it has properly begun.

He says, "What if it just does abysmally? What if people not only don't go. What if they protest? It's a good movie, but it's not knockdown funny. It wound up being more of a sweet movie."

The 46-year-old has even asked his TV co-stars to stay away from the film's premiere in order to ease his nerves.

He explains, "I already told the cast, 'I'm inviting you to the premiere, but I'm politely asking you not to come.' I don't need the pressure of going to work the next day and them making fun of me."

20/02/2004 19:32